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Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review. The fossil sport is currently available for $255 from fossil’s website. With fossil sport, fossil has created a smartwatch that's incredibly comfortable to wear while working out, but.

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Designing a smartwatch to be stylish and sporty isn’t easy, but fossil has done it. Fossil is no stranger to watches, including smart models like its new gen 5 smartwatch. The fossil sport reviewed here is significant since it’s one of the.

The design of this smartwatch is very sleek.

The fossil sport is a fantastic smartwatch for fitness lovers. Fossil gen 5 smartwatch review with its fifth generation of wearables, fossil has seen fit to right the wrongs of the past by including the much needed snapdragon wear 3100 chipset along with. With its outstanding fitness functionality, this model is an ideal option for men who are active and need to track their exercise. The fossil sport was sold out when this review was initially published, but it has just become available again from fossil's online store for $199.99 ($50 off).

It will be available worldwide starting on november 12. However, it’s too playful in.

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